I worked on the majority of the game, but received help from two friends. One helped by creating sound files and the other created the animations used for the player.

Made withUnity


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I'm stuck here :(

Sorry ran out of time to finish the actual game, because of hw and there is no way past that point xD, 


No problem man, I feel you xD Same thing to my game!


Really cool platformer! I really like how the player controls. My big complaint however is the camera fov.


I would suggest giving the camera more distance, the field of view is very limited.

Also give the player more mass cuz when you are going downwards it's hard to jump because the player is not connected to the ground

Thanks for the advice, will do next time! 


Very good, hope to work with you again!

Thanks for the help with the music, really appreciate it!


Very nice game! I do have some trouble with jumping, and I think adding some coyote time could really help the game feel better. But still, awesome game!

Thanks for the advice, I will make sure to do that next time :)